Just Try

One thing that I've often talked about is the need for Christians to conquer the twin enemies of Apathy and Fear to put faith into action. And often when I release videos, I wonder how many people are doing it. So I was hugely encouraged this week when I received a letter from one of our oldest groups in the Fuel Network. They're based in Montgomery, TX and if you've watched any of the 2 Minute Testimonies, you'll probably have seen Rick, who leads there. 

Now I just love this group. I love their faith, their constancy and their commitment. And I love that they really try. That's the bottom line. They try. We don't always win the battles against Apathy and Fear but if we try, the Holy Spirit empowers our effort and great things can happen. I wanted to share Rick's email:

"Mark, I wanted to let you know that a month ago I saw a homeless couple walking down the highway on the way to our Thursday night meeting. My car was full so I sent one of the guys back in his pick up truck to get them and bring them to our meeting.

We all enjoyed a meal and then I lead in a couple of worship songs. She (Brandy) sobbed continually. I asked her if they were tears of joy and if everything alright? She said that they had walked from Beaumont to Houston to Montgomery (Several hundred miles) and that this was an answer to their prayers.

She said that she and her husband Chris had been in prison a few years ago but had committed to follow Jesus since they had been out but her Husband Chris was losing faith. Brandy said that everyone they came across had shunned them and run them off and that the police had been abusive to them.

We all laid hands on them and prayed that the Lord would give them favor with police and everyone they meet from now on. I told them that from now on they walk with Jesus and Jesus walks with them. I told them that if the police harass them to tell them they are on the road telling people about Jesus.

We took them to Walmart and bought them things they needed as well as two Bicycles, a tent, toiletries, new shoes, back packs, food and a couple of hundred dollars to get them on their way.

Several days later they called to let us know that every prayer had been answered just as we had prayed specifically for them. A cop had told them where they could sleep without getting in trouble. Christians stopped to help along the way. A Christian truck driver took them to his home in Arkansas and let them live with he and his Mother (It was an answer to his Mothers prayers.) They are now employed and have a place to live as well as they are involved in church.  I know this is a long email but I am giving you the short version. Our group was so fired up to help someone who really needed help (It's been incredible to see God's miraculous had at work through our small group.) We hope to be salt and light like the Clapham sect ( Yes I purchased A view of Christianity by W. Wilberforce)

God bless you.

Rick Crawford."

I've read that story several times now but every time I do, I can feel the tears pricking my eyes. A husband and wife whose lives have been turned around simply because a small group of Christians were willing to try to turn their faith into action. They could have left that homeless couple on the road. They could have been apathetic. They could have been afraid. But instead they tried. And now, just like when Jesus sent out the 12 and 72, because they've seen the Spirit at work, they're fired up to do even more. This is what I dream the Fuel Network will increasingly become. A whole world of groups like these on every continent who are committed to stepping outside comfort zones to try.  That's all it takes. The Holy Spirit does the rest.

Rick signed off with another message and a couple of photos. He wrote, "Mark, here is a picture of Chris and Brandy standing beside the car they purchased , three weeks later when they came back to visit us (No longer homeless, jobless or without transportation.) Look at the joy in their faces. They literally can't shut up about the Great things God has done for them. To that we ask Lord please send us more Chris and Brandy's") Amen.

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