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We want to keep you informed about the future plans of this ministry, so below are some upcoming projects. The estimated release dates are likely to change and since we want to be responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, new projects may arise unexpectedly. Check back on this page for updates. If you'd like to support these goals, you can either become a patron, donate or click "Get Involved" to offer help.

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The "M" Word

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive, especially from young men is, "What does the Bible say about masturbation." We're hoping to do a book and possibly a small series that will go into this topic, as well as the linked topics of sex and porn.

Estimated: This one is next! November 2018


Joy & Sadness

Possibly a kind of double-album - two books/series combined into one. The first half will talk about the elusive search for joy and how the secrets are contained within the Bible. The second half will deal with the most commonly posed objection to Christianity that arrives in the Fuel inbox - "If there is a God, why do bad things happen?"

Estimated: Mid 2019 possibly?



The discipleship program for the groups in the Fuel Network. We currently don't have the resources to make this series but it will hopefully happen eventually!

Estimated: Who knows!


The Holidays

A mini series looking at Christmas, Halloween, Easter and some other minor holidays.

Estimated: Late 2019