10 | Answers

for life

New Series - 2019


In this refresh of the “Answers” series, we’re going to be exploring the big questions of life.

What is the meaning of life? If God is loving, why is there pain in the world? Does religion cause all wars? What happened to the dinosaurs? Is Christianity for brainwashed sheep and atheism for free-thinkers? If God created the universe, then who created God?

All these and more are coming up. Furthermore, if you have a question you’d like to see answered, you can send it to

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 9 | The M Word

Christianity, Masturbation & Porn

It’s one of the most common emails we have received over the years, it’s one of the biggest areas of struggle, and it’s probably the most taboo subject in Christianity. What does the Bible say about masturbation?

In this series, we explore all the Biblical and moral arguments surrounding the issue, and consider what our attitude should be in this area.

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8| The coming summer

Exploring The Signs of Jesus' Return

Jesus said that there would be many signs that would signal his return was getting near. In this series, we explore what those signs are, and give an honest assessment of how many have come to pass. 


7 | The War On Truth


We live in a culture where people genuinely believe there are over 300 genders; where gay marriage is legal; traditional values are discriminated against; transgender men win awards for being women; children as young as six-years-old are being given gender reassignment surgery; radical Islam terrorises and is pandered to in the media; Christians meanwhile live peacefully and are reviled; abortion is celebrated; students are given 'safe spaces' and 'trigger warnings' to allow them to avoid challenging worldviews; parts of the church have fallen away; 52-year-old men identify as 6-year-old girls; and the truth is criminalised as 'hate speech.'

How did people get so confused?
How did life get so absurd? 

In 'The War On Truth', we explore through the lens of the Bible how cultural Marxism has pulled Western culture into a pit of confusion, examine where this path will eventually take us, and reassert the truths that this generation doesn't want to hear.


6 | THe Long Way Home


(This title is not yet available as a video series.)

"For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come." (Hebrews 13:14)

Have you ever noticed how idealistic children are? Every baby that's ever been born intrinsically believes that they have inherited a brilliant world full of romance, adventure and opportunity. They are innocent. They are naive. Because of course, as they grow up, they discover the world isn't like that all. They realise it has things in it like corruption, lies, war, terrorism, heartache and death. And as they encounter these evils, they begin to be wounded by them, leaving them increasingly cynical and frustrated.

In short, as we grow up, we will all find ourselves having to adapt to a world that none of us expected or wanted. But this is strange: Why do kids inherently believe the world is better than it really is? Why do they think it's all going to be utterly brilliant? Who told them this? And why is there such a big gap between the world we expect and the world that really exists? And what if this strange phenomenon tells us that we were actually made for another world...? In this book we explore how we are in fact, born hardwired for the world God originally intended for us, not the world sin has made. We discover that we're now exiles here on a fallen planet, and that we must journey through life to reach our true home. We examine seven key stages of that journey, from birth to death, discovering what it means to keep our hearts alive, full of faith, hope and love, and what it will be like on the day we finally make our way home.





"Why does God allow suffering? Does religion cause most of the wars in the world? Is Christianity intolerant and homophobic? Is the God of the Old Testament a wrathful monster? Are Christians mere brainwashed sheep? Are atheists free-thinkers? Are all religions are the same? If God created the universe, who created God?"

The 21st Century is a time of unique and seismic change. We are becoming a global community, increasingly well connected by the internet, media and ease of travel. And within this brave new world, Christian beliefs are under attack. Often branded as "intolerant", "bigoted" or "hateful", or just downright illogical, Christians are under pressure to abandon or adapt the core doctrines of the faith and to conform to culture.

In "Answers", we explore some of the most common objections to Christianity in our time, examine the big issues, explain exactly what is happening in our culture and why, and take a look at where our generation's thinking is taking us. 

The book contains in-depth answers to some of the biggest questions, while the video series is an ongoing series.


4 | Revelation

The Fuel Project Guide

Few books amaze, confuse and intrigue like the Book of Revelation. In this study guide, Mark Fairley not only guides the reader through the prophetic imagery of the book itself, but uniquely incorporates the end-time prophecies of Jesus, Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel and others to create a comprehensive, clear, whole-Bible narrative of future events.

While the Book of Revelation is often sobering, it ultimately reveals how evil will be overthrown and how God's victory will be achieved. This study guide is an invaluable tool in helping us understand how those days will come to pass.


3 |The Restless Church

Rediscovering New Testament Christianity

“Many people are longing for a greater cause. They are no longer content with ‘church as usual.’ They read of the church in the New Testament, and their curiosity is piqued. The New Testament accounts are far removed from their experience every week. They hear contemporary stories of the church expanding rapidly in parts of China and India, and their hearts soar.” - Neil Cole

Why is the church we experience so different from the one we read about in the New Testament? Why is it that something which seems so thrilling, authentic and powerful in the pages of the Bible seems to have been rendered so dull, hypocritical and weak by our contemporary formulas? What went wrong?

In this title, we deconstruct the modern conception of church to discover that much of what we call Christianity today, is nothing like the example we were given by Jesus and the first apostles. The goal of this book is that we might rediscover that original example, and in doing so, change the world.


2 | Stay Free


The world is broken. Every day the news channels are filled with stories of terrorism, political corruption, corporate greed, crime, depression, suicides, moral failure, substance abuse and persecution. What is going on in our world? This book explores this question and clearly illustrates how a society that rejects God will soon collapse in every other way.

Furthermore, it will soon find itself living under tyranny and oppression.

The only path to true freedom for the individual and for the world is to turn to Jesus Christ.

"So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law." - Galatians 5:1


1 | Know Your Enemy


The name Babylon occurs in the Bible almost three-hundred times. The majority of those references are in the Old Testament - and with good reason. It was the first great city of the world and the capital of the first kingdom. In fact, it may well have been the greatest empire of all time. However, Babylon is much more than this. The Bible clearly and intriguingly states that "Mystery Babylon" is also the source of all abominations of the Earth (Rev. 17:5) – a fountainhead of evil that began flowing through history thousands of years ago and which profoundly impacts the world today… in ways most don't realize. Indeed, Revelation tells us that Mystery Babylon will survive until the end of time when God finally judges it with terminal violence.

This series is a walk-through history that follows the threads, exposes the idolatry, the symbolism and the perverted thought-processes that originated in Babylon. We discover its influence in all false religion, astrology, freemasonry, world-famous landmarks, the theory of evolution, philosophy, the United Nations, the European Union and much, much more. We discover that ever since God scattered the Babylonians back in Genesis 11, it has been Satan's intention to reverse the process and bring the whole world back together again under a single world system, ruled by the Antichrist. Above all we learn how to recognize our enemy so that we will not be deceived and instead live with faith, hope, love and courage in the face of Babylon’s demonic schemes.