We want to keep you informed about the future plans of this ministry, so below are some upcoming projects.

The estimated release dates are likely to change and since we want to be responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, new projects may arise. Check back on this page for updates.

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The war on truth: how a generation abandoned reality

Early cover design

Early cover design

We live in a generation where gay marriage has been legalised, people genuinely believe there are over 300 genders, transgender men win awards for being women, radical Islam is protected while peaceful Christians are reviled, 52-year-old men identify as 6-year-old girls and women identify as cats and babies, students are given 'safe spaces' and 'trigger warnings' so they never have to hear challenging worldviews and where truth has been criminalised as 'hate speech'. How did people get so confused? How did life get so absurd? Through a Biblical lens, we explain what's going on here and take the time to reassert the realities that a generation doesn't want to hear. 

Estimated: The book is now released. The video series should start rolling out in Spring 2017.

Apocalypse when (working title)

This is our very first feature-length documentary exploring the signs that point towards the second coming of Christ. We're currently looking for people from around the world do some street interviews for this film. If you'd like more information, click here.

Estimated: 2017



This will be a year long discipleship program comprised of videos and an accompanying daily devotional. It will primarily be designed for use within small groups, especially those who have joined The Fuel Network. 

Estimated: 2017-2018