Welcome to The Fuel Project!

We are a Christian ministry that aims to inform, inspire, and ignite within you a fire to live out your faith in the 21st Century.

You can learn more about us using the links above or you can jump right in by watching a video series below.


series 8 | The coming summer
Exploring the signs of Jesus' return


Series 7 |The War On Truth
How a generation abandoned reality

This is what we're currently working on! To support us on Patreon as we make it, while also gaining access to exclusive content, please click the button!

This series has just finished rolling out on YouTube! You can now purchase it as a digital download, or read it on paperback and e-book

Series 6 | The Long Way Home

A book exploring the meaning of life and eternity.
(There is no accompanying video series for this one...yet.)

Series 5 | Answers

An apologetics series answering the most difficult questions about Christianity. We're always adding to this playlist so check back regularly. The book is also available on the button below!

Series 4 | Revelation

A comprehensive walk-through of the Book of Revelation.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Series 3 | The Restless Church

Rediscovering New Testament faith for the 21st Century.     

series 2 | Stay Free

In this recently revamped series, we explore what it means to be free, and why society always collapses without God. 

Series 1 | Know Your Enemy

The series which started it all for this ministry. In it, we explore the New World Order from a Christian perspective.


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