Why Is "Answers" Being Refreshed?

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the first video in the new “Answers” series that was posted last week. If not, click the video to the right!

However, long-time subscribers to this ministry may be asking, “hang on, haven’t we already had an “Answers” series? Why is there another one?”

Well…that’s what this blog is all about!

There are two reasons why “Answers” is being refreshed and rebooted. The first is for quality purposes. Since the beginning of 2017, the guiding motto for this ministry has been to “clothe the truth in beauty”. Speaking the truth connects with the head; presenting beauty connects with the heart. If you can do both at the same time, I believe you have a powerful thing. In recent years then, I’ve been investing a lot of time and effort into improving the visual appeal of Fuel Project content. Not just speaking the truth, but improving the quality of video, the editing, lighting, audio and everything else. It’s not yet where I’d like it to be, but all these things have improved significantly in recent years. While this is a good thing, it does mean that some of the older series are now not holding up well by comparison. Essentially then, I want to bring the whole gamut of projects up to a better standard. I hope that by improving the quality and making these videos a nice place to spend time, it’ll make them more shareable on social media, and that it will draw in more unbelievers to hear the message.

The second reason for an update of “Answers” in particular is this - the old version is missing key content. For most Fuel series, I’ve followed a similar pattern. I wrote a book, then made a video series based on the book. The videos didn’t follow the books word-for-word (the books always have a little bit more detail), but more or less, the videos are just the books in audio-visual format. That wasn’t the case with “Answers” in 2015. For “Answers”, I wrote a book covering eight of the biggest objections to Christianity I could think of…and then the videos followed on from where the book finished. Therefore, the topics covered in the “Answers” book itself have never been made into videos. And since these topics are really important, I think it’s right to talk about them. For example, “If God is loving, then why is there pain in the world?” is probably the biggest argument against Christianity there is, and while it’s in the book, it wasn’t tackled in the original series. It’s time to change that.

(I did consider giving this series a whole new name by the way, or at least calling it “Answers 2.0”. However, I hope it won’t be too confusing this way. I should also say the original videos will stay online for the foreseeable future too. Indeed, some of the videos that were made from 2017 onwards won’t be re-made at all. It’s just about inserting the new content and sprucing up the overall quality over the course of the summer.)

answers 4.png

Street Interviewers

Ok, now I’ve explained the “why’s” of this series, you may have noticed the inclusion of street interviews in the reboot. These were carried out by an amazing group of volunteers from various locations.

answers 1 alternate.png

I really love the new dimension these can bring to the videos and they did such a great job, so if you’d like to join The Fuel Project as a volunteer for this, please get in contact at authenticfuel@gmail.com. The idea is that we are able to get a global temperature of what’s going on in the world, and what’s happening in society, by compiling street interviews from around the planet in one video. At the moment, it’s just on a volunteer basis. But if you are interested, do get in touch. The dream is that eventually The Fuel Project will have correspondents around the world able to give real-time insights into significant events. This will make it more of a collaborative effort from within the whole community.