The "M" Word is now available on Amazon!

It’s probably the most taboo subject in Christianity, and yet since The Fuel Project began, it’s easily been one of the most prevalent questions dropping into my email inbox: “What does the Bible say about masturbation?” It seems that many don’t particularly want to talk about this subject, and yet, if the volume of letters arriving to this ministry is any indication, there are certainly a lot of people who want to hear about it. There appears to be a lot of guilt and confusion surrounding this issue, and an absence of information.

In “The ‘M’ Word”, I wanted to fill that void, while also talking about the closely connected issue of pornography. The latest studies suggest that around half the church are currently enslaved to internet porn, and this is having hugely negative consequences. What’s also clear is that, although the church acknowledges there’s a growing problem in this area, we have not yet reacted to it.

I’m pleased to say that “The ‘M’ Word” is now available to purchase on paperback and e-book from Amazon! You can getting there by clicking the cover image above or click this text.

Work now commences on the accompanying video series. The introduction is below. Episodes will continue being posted whenever they’re ready. Make sure to subscribe to The Fuel Project on your preferred social media outlet to stay up-to-date!