Shoddy Medics

Imagine an army medic who comes across a fallen soldier on a battlefield. The soldier is alive, but barely. He's in terrible physical shape - bleeding profusely, covered in bullet wounds, and with broken limbs. Unless he receives some medical attention quickly, he's probably not going to survive. The medic says to that soldier, "Don't worry Private, I'm here. And I just want you to know that I accept you as you are. Some bigots might say you don't look too good right now but they're just haters. I, for one, support you in this choice and I'm tolerant of your wounds. In fact, I don't even see them as wounds or like to call them wounds. Your skin is just 'differently configured', right? Nothing wrong with that. I think it looks great. In fact, I wish I looked that good! LOL." The medic starts rooting around in his satchel to see if he can find something metal and shiny to give to the soldier. "Here, I made you an award. You should celebrate who you are." With that, he stands up feeling pleased with himself, and trots off to find someone else who needs his solidarity. 

Pretty shoddy medic, right? The soldier didn't need his 'tolerance', he needed treatment! Yet, that's effectively how this Postmodern generation deals with transgendered individuals today. Transgenderism has been officially recognised as a psychological disorder by the World Health Organisation for around 40 years. They are experiencing something called "Body Dysmorphic Disorder" - it's when one's perception of themselves becomes completely disconnected from reality. It's such a severe condition that people who succumb to it have a 41% chance of trying to commit suicide. Like the fallen soldier, the turmoil they're experiencing really does put them at a significantly increased risk of death. Their wounds are merely on the inside.

Yet rather than giving these people the treatment they need; rather than sending them for counselling and psychiatric help; rather than offering genuine healing; we now instead celebrate the sickness. We decide to 'support', 'accept' and give awards out for it. It's not helping. And it's not loving. By this approach we're collaborating with a mental disorder, we're encouraging body mutilation and disfigurement, and we're condemning them to a life of delusion and confusion.  

Love divorced from righteousness, becomes unloving. And when we ignore the truth to fit a Liberal narrative, everyone loses. Especially the 'transgendered'.