2 Minute Testimonies

Watching Stay Free #31 yesterday reminded me of how much I love hearing testimonies...and it also reminded me that we haven't received any new ones in a while! 

So if you're new to this ministry, we have a feature called "2 Minute Testimonies", where we invite believers to send in quick video stories of how the Lord has changed their life. 

There are few things as powerful as a Christian's testimony. The Bible says that our enemy is defeated when you speak out what God has done (Revelation 12:11). After all, people can argue with you about theology and philosophy but they can't argue with your story. We all have one as believers, and if God has saved you, it's part of your ministry to let others know so they can be encouraged, inspired, and hopefully saved too! 

To get an idea of what 2 Minute Testimonies look like, you can see some in Stay Free #31 or you can watch the full-length versions by going to our YouTube channel here.

Don't worry if you feel like your story isn't dramatic enough. Whatever it looks like, I guarantee someone else out there will be able to identify with it. Also, don't worry if it's not exactly 2 Minutes long. The idea is just to keep it bite-sized. 3 minutes max?

Remember how there used to be a craze for 'cardboard testimonies' not too long ago in churches? Music would play as people walked forward holding a piece of cardboard. On one side was a single word that described who they were pre-Christ (Addict, hopeless, empty, depressed, angry etc). Then they'd flip it over and there would be another word describing who they are today (Liberated, fulfilled, joyful etc.) Think along those lines. The first part of your testimony should give some insight into who you were, a struggle you had etc. and then the second part should reveal how your encounter with the Lord changed your life. 

Ready to inspire the church and reach lost souls with your story? I think yes! If so, you can send your testimony to authenticfuel@gmail.com. We'd be excited to hear from you.