If Life Begins With A Flash Of Light, We Have No Right To Snuff It Out

Scientists have recently discovered (and managed to record) something truly incredible: When a human sperm meets an egg, a spectacular flash of light has been seen to mark the exact moment when life begins. This newly discovered 'fireworks show' can be seen in the video below: 

Many pro-abortion advocates have argued in the past that no-one knows when life really begins, so it's interesting how secular scientists and media outlets have described the event in such clear terms:

"Bright flash of light marks the incredible moment life begins."

Oher secular news outlets have reported it in the same way:

Waking Science Headline
Live Action News


It seems obvious now that if life begins with a flash of light, none of us have any right to snuff it out. With this new evidence, the argument surrounding legalised abortion should now be finished forever.