First Patreon Reflections

It's only been a day since the Patreon page launched, allowing Fuel subscribers to partner with the ministry financially, but I'm already finding an excitement in ways that I didn't anticipate.

This afternoon I recorded a first 'Behind The Scenes' video as a 'reward' for $10+ patrons (where I literally took the camera behind the scene) and it felt nice to let people into my world for the first time, even if just a little bit. What Patreon has the potential to do, it seems, is create an inner sanctum of people who care enough about the ministry to support it, and who, I can therefore trust and connect with on a more human level. 

I really didn't expect to feel this way but I'm now looking forward to geeking out with you all about cameras and lighting setups, revealing what the creative process looks like, bouncing ideas around with, having live chats with, and to the committed community that Patreon could create. 

Whether anyone else is as excited remains to be seen! But for now, to everyone has come on board so far, I just want to say thank you for joining. We may still be small, but it really does feel like the team just got a whole lot bigger.